City of Stars ⭐️

Real talk, I've been feeling super uninspired lately. It's the kind of 'uninspired' where you could easily forget that you even own a camera, let alone how to actually use it, and curating ideas is like squeezing blood out of a rock. 
It sucks, honestly. And I've been kind of worried about letting people down when I can't perform at my best. Then I remembered that I'm just a human being, not a robot, and that those that matter won't mind. 

I was lucky enough to shoot with Fran Dearlove recently; I decided to bring things back to basics, natural make up, hair, tones, and wardrobe to just see what could be created out of simplicity. Fran was an absolute dream to work with; she was endlessly patient while I pointed out almost every bush for her to climb in, and she brought so many wonderful ideas of her own (and an amazing little luggage of everything we'd need). I left the shoot feeling overwhelmingly fortunate to meet such kind, vibrant people through photography, and inspired to keep reaching out to meet more. So, thank you, Fran, I can't wait to work with you again!