A Home Away From Home 🌎

Peru came at a pretty weird time for me. In a way I was really afraid to go, although I could never quite put my finger on why. At the airport as we waited to board our flight I kept looking for one good reason to walk out of there and go back home. 
Then, after about twenty four hours of travelling, I got out a taxi and arrived at the house in which my mum grew up, and we were greeted by warm hugs, good food and a lot of love. It all made sense to me then, why we should do things that really scare us. 

I only realised once we arrived back In London, how much this trip really meant to me. I've always been brilliant at backing out of the stuff that makes me uneasy because that's the easy option, right? But by throwing myself in at the deep end, I learned how to swim better than I could have hoped. This trip reignited my love for travel, for adventure and for independence. I understood why it's important to have your own back, but also equally important to let others in too. 
There's a lot more I could say about it, but for now I'll just say I'm also super proud of my family for reaching out to others, bringing a community together and educating so many on animal welfare. Connecting with others does everyone a world of good. 

But also, one more side-note! 
All these images were taken on my Fuji X-T20. I hadn't taken her out properly before I went away, and I ended up using her the entire time. The low-light capabilities were actually super impressive, and it was lovely to not feel like I had a broken wrist after every use!