Wilderness Festival, 2017 ✨

I can't recall a time where I ever wished that I was wandering a field in drizzly summer, sporting unwashed hair, sun-burnt skin, and an aching neck from a night of sleeping on solid ground with no pillow. But when that field is filled with food stalls from just about every corner of the world and  tents that house energetic and vibrant bands, and the sun-burn is from spending whole days drifting around in an awe-struck daydream (apart from when theres sudden torrential rain), and the aching neck is quickly forgotten about after a refreshing dip in a chilly lake... it all suddenly becomes much more worth it.

That field belongs to Wilderness Festival, based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. It's the 'biggest' festival I've ever been to, and as an introvert who fucking loves her sleep, I can easily say that I cannot wait to go again. It's one of the most laid-back, free-thinking environments I've ever been in, and while I'm not a festival expert, I'd say it's perfect for anyone who wants to experience the buzz and festivities while also just chilling out a bit. Don't really feel like dancing? Cool! You can hang out by the lake and soak up any sun that peeks through the clouds (but, unfortunately for us, this didn't happen too often).