Saturday the 14th, January, 2017

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and shooting with Charlotte Tighe. I've been following her on Instagram for quite awhile now, always making heart-eyes over her wonderful and inspirational outfits. Its so nostalgic to see her recreate looks by the classic Audrey Hepburn, as well as create her own -- so I had to get in touch to shoot together!

As always, the British weather caused a couple of delays, and on this cold, grey morning it rained. But we soldiered on and sure enough, the skies cleared and the sun came out. We really couldn't have asked for more beautiful, soft light to adorn Charlotte.

After a long natter we explored the canal of Little Venice, taking pictures amongst the pigeons and marathon runners; I have a little habit of putting my models in some slightly silly situations but Charlotte was absolutely brilliant and keen. Along with my mum helping, we found some wonderful hidden gems in London which complimented the styling beautifully. 
I've also been attempting to step out of my comfort zone recently; my 35mm has been glued to my camera for far too long now, so I decided to dig out the 70-200mm and force myself to love it --- it didn't let me down! Its a brilliant lens for capturing the dress by Collectif London.

I'm over the moon with how this shoot turned out; I had high hopes before but Charlotte absolutely exceeded my expectations! I'm slightly kicking myself now for not capturing the little details (!!! Vivienne Westwood shoes, thank you very much!) but we live and we learn -- thats something for next time. It was like collaborating with an old friend and I'm so, so excited to do this all again with her in the future. 

Sunday the 6th, November, 2016

This weekend I had the privilege of shooting with my best friend, Rosie, and her boyfriend, Connor. Shooting with couples is something that I've wanted to do for a long time - ever since I shot my first wedding and got the bug for it! It's something I will be offering in the very near future but first wanted to test, and I'm super proud of how it turned out!


This season is a perfect time to shoot with gorgeous soft light, stunning colourful forests and a perfect reason to wrap up in scarves and jackets! It makes for a wonderful cosy shoot together that lasts you a lifetime.